Pipe Bursting- a trenchless method of sewer construction. Now, what’s this mean by trenchless method? Well! With Trenchless method of construction, we don’t need tranches at all or sometimes we require just a few trenches.

Pipe Bursting is actually the alternative method to the Trench Excavation method. So, herein, what exactly happens is without any need of the traditional trenches, with the help of Pipe Bursting we replace or upsize an existing pipe.

Basically, it concludes modifying an already existing pipe without using the traditional construction trenches is what we call Pipe Bursting.

Moving on to further, there are 5 equipment majorly used in Pipe Bursting-

  1. Expander head
  2. Pulling rods
  3. Pulling machine
  4. Retaining device
  5. Hydraulic power pack

Expander heads nowadays have become much smaller in diameter as compared to the trailing ends. So, these expander heads are so small that they can easily fit through the pipe that has to be replaced.

The small ends are here to guide the entire expander head to the pipe that helps bursting the pipe properly. What used to happen earlier, the heads weren’t that small and sometimes it leads to the incomplete pipe bursting.

Then afterwards, it requires a machine to pull the expander head and to set a new pipe into the line. Herein, there forms a chain of the interlocking links in between that pulls the expander head.

Hydraulic power generator is used to control this entire operation and to make sure all these equipment’s are working properly.

Pipe Bursting can be used to replace the pipes when it requires to increase the capacity of the pipes, basically for upsizing. Not only in case of sewer or water upsizing, Pipe Bursting is also used in gas upsizing too. Now upsizing from 100mm to 225mm diameter is really easy. The same way, pipes of up to 36inches or greater can easily be replaced using Pipe Bursting.